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Animate flowing hair in TvPaint

So here`s a method I use to animate things floating hair in the wind. It works as well when animating tails or flags or other stuff like that.

the result:



1. In TvPaint
I discovered this technique in cel animation which is why I`m gonna explain how it works here and then show how I do it in After Effects.
The secret is to draw the path that the tip of the hair does when flowing. The simplest way to do it is draw an 8 just like in this photo. Then make sure to have a reference of the root so you keep that one in the same spot always.
After drawing the path you make the frames in such way that the tip always draws the 8.


I usually draw 8 of the keframes of the loop to have this animation.



Then I just added more hair that somehow follows the first stroke.


Lucky hair is so random so mistakes aren” that obvious.

Kee then add some more inbetween frames to make it more smooth. You can also play with the speed, adding more frames only in some parts to ad some kind of ease.



And then put in some color to make it really fab





In the next tutorial, I`ll show you how I adapted this technique in After Effects. Mouse users, stay tooned.